Quarterly Reports

Pursuant to Section 36 of the Access to Information Act (2002), each public authority shall submit reports to the Minister with responsibility of the ATI Law. The ATI Unit is the designated body charge with the processing and managing of this requirement on behalf of the Minister.

  • The Monthly Reports FORM ATIMR1 should be submitted to the ATI Unit within eight (8) days after the end of the month
  • The Quarterly Report FORM ATIQRA/ FORM ATIQRB should be submitted to the ATI Unit within fifteen (15* days after the end of the quarter
    • Public authorities that submit monthly reports are required to submit the quarterly reporting FORM ATIQRB. This quarterly report form requires less information as most of the details would have been reflected in the monthly report.
    • Public Authorities that do not file monthly reports are required to submit the quarterly reporting FORM ATIQRB. This quarterly report form covers details that are required in the monthly report.
  • All reports should be signed by the Principal Officer (Permanent Secretary, CEO, and Managing Director) or ATI Responsible Officer of each public authority.
  • All Reports are to be emailed to [email protected]


ATI Requests

  • An applicant may make an ATI Request by phone fax, email or post. This request is made to the ATI Responsible Officer of the public authority which is most likely to have the required information.
  • When an applicant makes a request by telephone the ATI Responsible Officer should make a written notation of the request and read it back to the applicant to ensure the request has been captured correctly.
  • The public authority should within 30 days after the submission a request provide a response to the applicant as to whether the request will be granted access, denied or deferred.
    • The public authority may extend the period of 30 days, for an additional 30 days in a case where it is reasonable for extension, but it must inform the applicant of the reasons for the extension and state the available options.
  • Transfer of an ATI request (from one public authority to another) should take place within 14 days after the request has been made.
    • The second public authority will have 30 days upon receiving the request to provide a response.


Internal Reviews

  • Individuals may make a request in writing for an internal review to be done by the principal officer or head of the public authority whose decision is the subject matter of the review.
  • Application for an internal review must be done within 30 days of notification of the decision of the public authority.


Appeal Hearings

  • An Appeal is commenced by a notice of appeal in writing addressed to the Chairman of the Appeal Tribunal
  • The notice of appeal is to be lodged with the Appeal Tribunal within sixty (60) days after the date that the appellant is notified of the relevant decision or of the decision taken on an internal review.
  • Upon receipt of a notice of appeal, the Tribunal should acknowledge receipt to the appellant and notify the relevant public authority.
  • The Appeal Tribunal will then set a date, time and place for the hearing of an appeal and notify both parties (appellant and public authority) and their legal representatives.
  • A notice of a hearing is to be given no less than 14 days after the proposed hearing date.


Judicial Review

If either party to the hearing is not satisfied with the decision of the Tribunal, then that party may seek redress from the Supreme Court by way of a judicial review application.

Contact the Access to Information Unit for more Information.

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